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CJ Founds Associates was established in 2016 with a mission to provide expert support, guidance and advice for Local and Central Government, Contractors and Consultants, by harnessing years of delivery experience in a variety of leadership roles.


Built on individual careers each spanning over 30+years and operating across the world in some of the highest performing organisations, CJ Founds Associates has established some solid foundations. Through the skill of our people, we have established a delivery model of excellence, trust and technical prowess. Building a comprehensive portfolio of successfully delivered programmes, projects and commissions, both locally and nationally, we have a strong portfolio of satisfied clients, with whom we have developed longer term collaborative relationships.


We continue to grow steadily and sustainably and look forward to working with great clients and developing our expertise and staff compliment, all of which we can look forward to a positive future.



Built on a model of delivery excellence, trust and technical prowess




Kielder House

Marshlands Road

Little Neston



CH64 4AD

M: +44(0) 7931 651 662



Limited Company Registered in England and Wales

No 10089717

VAT Registration No 29 5073 1983

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